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Bad Debt Protection is a means of protecting up to 100% of the value of your outstanding invoices against any unexpected bad debts and insolvencies, leaving you with true peace of mind so that you concentrate on running your business.

Bad debts can lead to business failure, with bad debt protection in place you are safe in the knowledge that your business will not be put under pressure by another companies failures. It can be provided against your entire sales ledger or against specific customers. Individual limits for your customers will be allocated allowing you to manage the risk you are exposed to. The provider will administer the policy for you. This saves you valuable management time, allowing you to concentrate on the day to day running of your business. In the event that one of your customers fails you will be covered up to an agreed limit of the outstanding debt at that time.

This is a facility which can be provided alongside an Invoice Discounting or Factoring agreement or as a standalone product. The following products can all be used in conjunction with a Bad Debt Protection agreement to give a greater boost to your cash flow:

Outsource your Credit Control and receive a cash injection of up to 95% of your sales ledger.

Invoice Discounting
Release up to 95% of your sales ledger and retain the credit control. 

Stock Finance
Increase your cash flow by releasing money against your stock.

Asset Finance
Raise additional cash flow by unlocking the value of the assets you already own.

Trade Finance
Importing goods and need to pay up front? Fund your import purchases to combat the impact on your cash flow.

Purchase Order Finance
Helping you fund that important large order from start to finish.

Commercial Mortgage
If you own a property this can be a cost effective way of boosting cash flow long term.

Bad Debt Protection - How Much Does It Cost?

Service Charge
Calculated as a percentage of each sales invoice.

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