When introduced to the right company, invoice discounting provides flexible funding based on your sales without losing control of your sales ledger.

The benefits of Invoice Discounting include:

Bad Debt protection (Optional)
Up to 100% Bad Debt Protection. Peace of mind should one of your customers become insolvent as this facility will safeguard against any losses incurred.

Online Access 24/7
Up to date information, 365 days a year which allows you to access your account.

Invoice Discounting is an established and proven way to raise finance to buy a business.

Improved cash flow
Immediate release of up to 95% of your sales ledger. No more cash flow headaches as cleared funds can be in your account within 24 hours.

Supplier Discounts
The increase in cash flow can be used to obtain supplier discounts for early payment.

Complete Control
In allowing you to remain in control of your sales ledger you won’t lose that personal touch and maintain a strong working relationship with your customers as credit control will remain in house.

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'The benefits of Invoice Discounting'