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Stock Finance is a means of raising money against assets that you already own or to finance the purchase of new equipment for your business, this can include vehicles, plant & machinery, raw materials, finished products, stock or property.

There are several ways this can be achieved allowing you to retain ownership of the asset, alternatively you may wish to sell the asset and lease it back. Both ways provide an immediate injection of cash into your business .

In the case of new plant and machinery you simply select the supplier and the equipment that that you want, agree a suitable repayment plan and your provider will pay the supplier. You can gain immediate ownership of the equipment including all the VAT applicable to the purchase price. All interest is set against tax and you can claim the tax write down allowances.

Alternative ways of leasing the equipment are also available, to include "off balance sheet" facilities. Each facility has its own unique tax and accounting procedures and repayment plans can be spread over a manageable length of time for your business. Seasonal and structured repayment plans are also available if your business would benefit from a tailor-made repayment program.

Stock Finance can be run alongside a Factoring or Invoice Discounting facility where higher funding levels are required and can be a useful tool when looking at expanding or restructuring your company.

It is also ideal for companies looking to support expansion programmes, mergers and acquisitions, to fund a new venture or to simply provide cash flow fast. A Stock Based Finance package is also a useful financial tool when you are looking at restructuring either your company or your borrowing, using the assets of the company to provide additional cash flow.

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