Trade Finance is a means of financing all aspects of buying and selling goods. It provides you with up to 100% finance up front against confirmed orders to pay your supplier.

If the goods are being supplied from overseas the freight and tax can also be funded. Your provider can also raise and manage the Letter of Credit with your supplier, managing and financing the goods whilst in production and or transit.

Once your customer has received the goods, either you or your provider invoice your customer and collect the money as per the terms of your agreement. In some cases suppliers will require payment before the production has started and trade finance is a simple and effective way for companies to fulfill those large orders or to fund the cost of importing your goods from overseas.

Trade Finance is equally suited to established companies or new companies who may experience problems obtaining credit from UK suppliers.

A Trade Finance agreement can compliment existing banking arrangements or can be run alongside Bad Debt Protection, Factoring or Invoice Discounting giving you peace of mind when placing the order with your supplier through to receiving payment.

The following products can all be used in conjunction with a trade finance agreement to give a greater boost to your cash flow:

Outsource your Credit Control and receive a cash injection of up to 95% of your sales ledger.

Invoice Discounting
Release up to 95% of your sales ledger and retain the credit control. 

Bad Debt Protection
Up to 100% Bad Debt Protection – Peace of mind should one of your customers become insolvent as this facility will safeguard against any losses incurred.

Stock Finance
Increase your cash flow by releasing money against your stock.

Asset Finance
Raise additional cash flow by unlocking the value of the assets you already own.

Commercial Mortgage
If you own a property this can be a cost effective way of boosting cash flow long term.

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